A diverse group of students exits a class room excited about learning

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Abeo School Change is an education design and implementation group that partners with schools and systems to make powerful learning a reality for every student.


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Change takes many forms, but ultimately it is all about learning. We believe that the most powerful form of adult learning happens with one's colleagues in ways that allow for open inquiry and reflection into this complex endeavor called teaching and learning. Abeo is proud to support many iterations of practitioner networks and the personal and collective learning that comes from working together. Stay tuned for stories of struggles and triumphs as educators collaboratively explore ways to find success for all students.


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Teacher Evaluation: A Postscript

Postscript. My friend decided not to leave teaching but is transferring to another building. She says she is trying to walk through the hallways without feeling as if she has the scarlet letter “F” tattooed on her forehead. This process has eroded her confidence and I hope she finds it again so that she can [...]


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