Building and Sustaining Networks of Practice

How do we collaborate? Learn from others? Share our learning with peers and others? Networks of practice provide a rich context for teachers to share practices, strategies, and techniques with each other and across organizations.  Research and experience tells us that networks of practice enable groups to generate more effective problem solving, grow a collective knowledge base of experience and expertise, facilitate exploratory classroom and site visits, and develop collective confidence and efficacy. 

Abeo's Approach to Networks of Practice

We can help you design, build and implement networks of any size and makeup - in-building, across-building, across multiple organizations - that make the right connections and use the perennially scarce resource of time effectively.


We help you create and develop the content of your networks.  From interpreting actionable data, to engaging the relevant questions around teaching practice and technique, to reflection that pushes excellence and performance.


We assist you in creating meaningful metrics by which to accurately assess, report on, and build on the effectiveness of the work being done by the people in your networks.


We can help you broaden the scope of your work, assisting with the creation of partnerships with support and thought-leader organizations.  We can help you take a "lab school" approach to innovation, helping you share your work, your learning and your results with others.

Notes on impact from the field: Abeo has been building and maintaining Networks of Practice for over a decade, beginning in 2001 with the facilitation of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's work with networks of small innovative schools.  The effects of these convenings still linger, as former participants work on some of the most innovative projects in education today.