Support for a High-Performing Work Culture

How does the culture of an organization, school, or system impact the success of the work that all are trying to achieve? How do we capitalize on the knowledge, expertise and creativity of staff and leadership to create a great organization? Abeo works with both leaders and staff to improve the collective efficacy and the overall effectiveness of the work culture. The goal is to help you realize a creative, generative, and sustainable work culture that supports innovation and continuous improvement. 

Increasing the productivity of a work culture involves several inter-related elements:

This work centers around creating relevant routines that, practiced consistently, help to transform the work culture. This includes intensive work with: 

  • Discussion protocols that bring a structure to collaboration sessions, allow for equitable participation and optimize the professional capital present in the school or organization.
  • Conceptual frameworks that define and establish common practices, ideas and language for all in the school.

Exploration and practical application of current best practices and next generation theoretical foundations.

  • The principles of adaptive leadership to respond to complex, often ambiguous problems with uncertain outcomes.
  • The development of effective feedback techniques that promote reflective learning and growth.
  • The importance of meaningful teacher leadership in the high-performing school environment.
  • The principles of adult learning and the leveraging of social capital to utilize the power of multiple minds bearing on solutions.
  • Next generation collaboration for development: how to use inquiry, reflection to improve practice and student learning.

Work with leaders and faculty on technical skills that increase efficiency and precision of the overall work and tasks of the organization. 

  • Planning and project management tools that optimize time by listing need-to-accomplish components into concise easy to use forms and templates.
  • Action-planning tools that translate ideas into action and practice.
  • Assessment tools that chart growth and allow school personnel to proceed and guide change from an informed perspective.
  • Communication tools for effective communication and dialogue during innovation as well as initiative implementation and rollout.

Working with Abeo has been so valuable. I attribute the alignment of our professional learning structures to their leadership focused coaching. The capacity Abeo has been able to tap into and build in six months is beyond what I expected. Abeo pays attention to the complexities of the people in the system to support more meaningful engagement of adults for improved student learning. What a wonderfully human-centered organization.
— Susie Askew, Ed.D., Assistant Principal, Lincoln High School, Tacoma, Washington