Support for Systemic Innovation 


How do we bring in new ideas and put them to work in our system? How do we capitalize on the knowledge, expertise and creativity of staff to create a great organization? From its origins, Abeo has been a key strategic partner on innovative projects.  From small schools-within-schools, to public schools learning from innovative charters, to the development of dynamic STEM programs in public high schools, we've been there.

Abeo's approach to innovation support

All implementation efforts hinge on effective strategy. We help you create a logical, robust and clear process for implementation from start to sustainability.  


Prototyping is a mindset and is essential to innovation. We use human-centered design principles to prototype ideas in a process designed for maximum impact in your organization.


Communication of all components of an initiative is crucial to the success of that initiative.  We help you communicate through narrative, graphics and data visualization, and by creating experiences that tell your story in highly effective ways.


Every new initiative requires skillful management in order to reach sustainability.  After the initial build, we help you get crucial feedback and measure progress in a way that helps you learn from both success and failures and move forward in an informed way.

Lincoln Center students

Lincoln Center students

Notes on impact from the field:  Abeo is proud to have played a role in the innovative programing at Lincoln High School in Tacoma.   Abeo has provided crucial support for the evolution of The Lincoln Center, Lincoln's highly successful school-within-a-school. The Lincoln Center adapted innovative ideas from successful charter schools and put them to work in a high-poverty urban public school. Abeo provided support in a number of areas, including leadership and data analysis of the project as well as communication of project successes, prototyping and strategic support for the growth of the Lincoln 2.0 project that took the Lincoln Center to full scale at Lincoln.