Since 1998, Abeo has provided intensive coaching and customized learning experiences to more than 250 schools and four dozen districts in urban, suburban, and rural areas across the nation.  

Selected Current and Recent Projects


LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL, TACOMA Public schools, Tacoma, Washington - leadership development and instructional improvement

How can we refine our work to better serve all students and teachers at Lincoln High School? Coaching and strategic support for refinement and alignment of adult learning structures, teacher leadership and instructional leadership - critical alignment of the learning and work of the adults in the school to meaningfully and efficiently impact student learning. 


Everett Public Schools, Everett, washington - Leadership and instructional coach development 

What should the role and the work of the leadership team be in instructional improvement? How do we develop individual and collective efficacy in our adult learners? Facilitation and strategic support for a variety of schools in the Everett District working to innovate their leadership teams and instructional specialists - making strategic shifts from leadership team to instructional leadership team; specialists to coaches. 


Portland Public Schools, Portland, Oregon - Leadership Development for Administrators, Instructional Coaches and Teacher Leaders

How does a school/system effectively leverage adult learning principles and structures grounded in reflection, collaboration, and inquiry to improve student learning? Facilitation and strategic support for the district's approach to adult learning, Professional Learning Communities, and instructional coaching models.


Chico Unified School District, Chico, California - TEACHER DEVELOPMENT, THE COLLEGE PREPARED PROJECT

How does a school design instruction that authentically prepares each student for success in college and in life?  Intensive work with teachers on pedagogy for critical thinking and intellectual work - the essential learning required for students to succeed and thrive in college and beyond. 


LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL/THE LINCOLN CENTER, TACOMA, Washington - leadership development and innovation Support

How do we educate for intellect and character? Tacoma's Lincoln Center pioneered the idea of a regular public school borrowing innovative ideas from successful charter schools—a longer school day, a college prep curriculum.  Abeo provides strategic support for those innovations and has helped school leadership grow programs from pilot to full scale. 


Aurora Public Schools, AURORA, COLORADO - instructional support and instructional coach development 

How might a collaborative school culture and community accelerate student learning? What does it mean to become inquiry-based? Innovative solutions, instructional coaching and active engagement through peer-observation experiences in multiple turn-around schools in the Aurora Public School District.  


Tacoma Public Schools, Tacoma, Washington - Instructional Support, The College Prepared Project 

How do we prepare students for college without the need for remediation? Work with district teachers on The College Prepared Project, as well as the design of a system of studio classroom and instructional rounds in district schools.  Consulting on district-wide curriculum frameworks.