Recent Published Articles, Essays, Op-ed pieces by Abeo Partners 


The Shift From "Me" to "We":  Schools with a Coaching Culture Build Individual and Collective Capacity.  Holli Hanson and Christine Hoyos.  Journal of Staff Development.  Vol. 36 No. 2. April 2015.

How might we envision a different approach to instructional coaching: one that has everyone in a building seeing themselves as coaches? "While there may be formally appointed coaches and teacher leaders to lead the work, developing all staff to coach each other and making coaching the culture’s norm accelerates adult learning which, in turn, accelerates student learning. Professional learning becomes human-centered, focusing on the human interaction of learning."


Leadership as Ownership: One School's Story of Commitment, Communication, and Transformation.  Michael N. Martin, Christine H. Hoyos, Harriette Thurber Rasmussen. An Abeo White Paper on Leadership.  March 2015.

In this, we discuss the relationship between teachers and leaders as they navigate the waters in the midst of a highly innovative set of changes. What does it look like when leaders and teachers work together on innovation in a school? And how does this kind of work occur so that everyone feels a strong sense of ownership and accomplishment?


Failure: The Mother of Innovation.  Michael N. Martin and Christine H. Hoyos. Unboxed: A Journal of Adult learning in Schools. HTH GSE. Issue 12. Fall 2014.  

This article is about teachers as learners: we argue for the importance of regarding failure as an episode of learning, for adults as well as students. If adults are to grow as teachers, there needs to be room to try - and perhaps fail at - something new.