Abeo is an education design and implementation group that partners with schools and systems to make powerful learning a reality for every student.


We work in four action Areas:


We believe that the most powerful form of adult learning happens with one's colleagues in ways that allow for open inquiry and reflection into this complex endeavor called teaching and learning.   We develop high-trust cultures in which both teachers and leaders understand the importance of collaboration towards the improvement of practice. This human-centered approach is crucial to the implementation of the kind of sustained organizational transformation that leads to significant gains in student achievement.

Their work is the best professional development I have experienced. My teachers are better as a result of this work – and I have improved my skills as well. Simply outstanding.
— Pat Erwin, Principal, Lincoln High School, Tacoma, Washington


abeo Guiding principles

All the work we do is infused with these Guiding Principles: 

The collection and use of nonjudgmental, observable data around instruction is key. We base conversations on tasks—what students are asked to do and what they have produced—as the primary indicators of what students have learned.


Among professional peers, a breadth of perspectives leads to depth of understanding. Building upon the wisdom present within a system is the strongest and most sustainable form of professional development.


The work is centered around genuine questions and interests related to teaching and learning.  All members, regardless of their roles and experience, are researchers and learners in this complex work.


We are intentional about reflection, the internal processing and sense-making that leads to real shifts in understanding, perspective, beliefs, and ultimately, skill and practice.