Innovation is in our DNA: The Coalition, Small Schools, and the Challenges of Today.

Originally established in 1998 as the Coalition of Essential Schools Northwest Center (CESNW), the organization and its work continues to be influenced by the Coalition of Essential Schools.  The purpose of the organization is to provide dynamic support to schools and districts and is rooted in an unwavering commitment to equity and educational success for every child. 

In 2001, CESNW teamed with The Small Schools Project as technical service provider in the Northwest for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Small Schools Initiative, focusing on school redesign, instructional coaching and leadership development.  

The name of the organization was changed to Abeo School Change in 2009 to better reflect our learning over time and the diverse and growing portfolio of customizable services offered. Currently, Abeo is a lean and highly adaptive organization with a distinctive pool of professionals whose essential knowledge, skills, and experience support the adult learning needs that make school and system innovation possible.