Why work with Abeo? We work with you to put your ideas into action—so you can innovate and improve. 

Our expertise in adaptive leadership, teacher development, college preparedness, team collaboration, and school design has provided customized support to schools and districts for more than a decade.  Abeo's distinctive pool of professionals bring you the skills, knowledge and experience to help you make powerful learning a reality for every student.  

The coaching I received from Abeo was tremendously important to my work as a systems leader in a district of 20,000 students. It provided me with an opportunity to step-back and see the landscape from the “balcony” and then to craft a plan based on a very clear theory of action.
— Anthony A. Byrd, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent in Washington State

Human-Centered Solutions 

It is the people in an organization that ultimately are responsible for the successful implementation of innovation and initiatives.  Sustainable solutions and initiatives require not just buy-in from the people of an organization, but ownership, a sense that all have contributed and all are committed to the success of the work.



We use human-centered design principles to customize adult learning based on a deep understanding of the human beings that make up an organization. When we design professional development we start with the people in your organization and design from there. Your people do the work; we facilitate it.  And because they do the work, they own it. 


“I have been coached one-on-one, participated in tiered dialogue, and worked at the building and district level with this diverse group of knowledgeable and enthusiastic change agents. My own understanding about teaching and learning has been turned on its head. Our student achievement data supports that this work does make a difference for kids!”
— Gigi Morganti, Principal, Retired, Options High School, Bellingham, Washington